Corrosion resistance, high strength, good uniformity

2020-10-27 09:30:08

Roofing felt: reinforced roof waterproof felt and non reinforced roof waterproof felt made of chopped glass fiber precursor by wet mesh forming process. It can be used as the base material of roofing felt, asphalt roofing tile, SBS, APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane and colored asphalt glass fiber tile. It has the following characteristics:

a) Corrosion resistance, high strength, good uniformity, good dimensional stability, high porosity, easy to be impregnated by asphalt;


b) Excellent weather resistance, strong anti leakage, prolong the service life of waterproof membrane and asphalt tile;

c) It overcomes the defects of paper-based linoleum, such as low-temperature embrittlement, high-temperature flowing, easy aging cracking, decay and leakage.